Self Storage Data Services (SSDS) is a Cushman & Wakefield (C&W) company and is a strategic partner in the company’s Self Storage Industry Group.  SSDS is recognized as the industry’s leading authority and foremost source for current and historic performance trending information pertaining to the self storage sector. 

What We Do
Self Storage Data Services a Cushman & Wakefield company (SSDS) is the nation’s only provider of self-storage operating data for companies who have an interest in self-storage who want to measure the level of operating performance.

The dearth of reliable information on the self-storage industry makes it impossible to assess the risk of investment opportunities.

How We Are Different
SSDS has been tracking and benchmarking self-storage statistics nationwide for decades and it updates its database every 90-days and reports rental activity (demand trends) monthly, so that you can stay current with changes in market conditions.

Why You Should Care
SSDS helps investors, underwriters, appraisers, owners and REIT analysts by providing unbiased, timely, third party reporting that you can depend upon.